The best rates are allways directly with us, without any intermediaries. You can contact by this web or email, or phone

All our rates are VAT taxes included, So all taxes are included in the rates except for turistical taxes that can be paid in reception while you will be here.


This cancellation Policy will be for all the bookings done directly with us, by phone or email. Once we do the booking we will charge you the total amount of the stay, in the card given, but what happens if you have to cancell it?

TOTAL RETURN, all the bookings done directly with us will be refound all the amount (without any charges) into the same card it has been charged, if you cancell the booking any time before 7 days of your arrival date.

PARTIAL RETURN,, all the booking done directly with us, will have the same consideration; if you cancell the booking with less than 7 days of your arrival in barcelona, it will be refound the amount you had paid except for the first night accomodation.

NO REFUND BOOKING, are all the bookings that you don´t show up the day that is your check in date, and you haven´t cancelled the booking.

*please don´t hesitate contact us for any further information.


All the bookings can be made by phone or email or thought our web (confirmated directly), all in any case we need the following information:

  • name and number of people you will be with us
  • dates in/out
  • kind of room (if you have any preferences let us know)
  • aprox arrival time in barcelona
  • credit card number with the expire date
  • cellular phone number and an email to confirm it back to you.

Once we received this information, we will confirm the booking,if for any reason there is a problem with the card given, we will get in contact to you by email or phone. If for any reason, you need to cancell or change dates, as soon as posible, contact with us and we will do our best to help you.

Is also important to know that when you will do the check in, we will ask you to show the card you did when you booked. And the owner of that card should be also with us.


Diputació, 346 08013 Barcelona (Spain)

(+34) 932 451 981